Train2Game mentioned in the Gamespot UK Podcast

Train2Game mentioned in the Gamespot UK Podcast


Been incredibly busy these past few months - I brought together a group of individuals from the T2G forums to form Adarakion Games. The group consists 2 developers - myself and "fatefirst", a designer "hexalot" and also someone who is not on the course, but may well be next year (will be recommending)who is an Artist. The group moulded together well, and as a result we are working on two projects.

The games we are currently developing are "Odds On" and a codenamed game currently called "Project Blast!", main focus is on Blast! at the moment and this could easily become (we hope) PSN/XBL material if we nail it well enough (and its polished enough).

The next stage was setting up - which we have just started to publish content and information to.
Also, I feel that volunteering and being accepted as the second Student Mod on the T2G forums is a great achievement for me - I feel that my "Modding" has been fair and consistent and has helped T2G greatly.

Also of course, I have been progressing with the course (of course) but taking the time to revise past studies and ensure that what I may have skimmed through on the first read is "bedded in". Started work on a C++ manual with all the commands/info contained in the previous lessons.

I also started to write my own Blog - and was mentioned in the Gamespot UK Podcast - dated 23/7 which was great.