Train2Game It's very exciting to be part of so many fresh projects


Since starting the designer course last month I've been very active in the community both asking my own questions and answering those of others where I can. My most pressing concern other than the course itself is a project of mine which has been in and out of production many times for
several years but has never been approached seriously and professionally.
Since I feel I am now in the best possible place to recommence this project I have been on the lookout for new team members and am slowly but surely putting together a small team who I hope to work with to give the project a new lease of life.
Hopefully by the time this is read I will have both a basic website and a T2G group up and running and work can really begin on the project, in the meantime however I have been spending my time trying to assist others with their projects on the forums here at T2G.
Original concepts and storyboarding are two of my strengths as a designer and via the public forums, private messaging and messenger conversations I've been doing my best to share my thoughts and experiences with other budding designers who find themselves at a similarly early stage of design as myself in their own projects.
It's very exciting to be part of so many fresh projects and one or two very promising ideas. Initially I was simply passing time waiting to begin my own project but now I feel quite involved in one or two of these projects and hope I have been able to help in some way with their development. I certainly feel that I have and will endeavour to continue in such a role for the duration of my time here.