Train2Game implementing my skills already

Train2Game implementing my skills already


I should admit from the outset that I was recently made a Student Moderator for my contributions to the forums. Which I was pleased to receive because I don't really help students for T2G as such. I help them because usually I've been through the exact same things myself.
Although my recent TMA's have slowed down this is due to the fact I feel that I'm not knowing the material enough. So I'm taking time to relearn everything thoroughly and make sure I know the material. Also I'm supplementing my learning with some projects I'm working on through meeting people on the T2G forums.

Ballocks! - Made by Overdrive 24/7 Group
Ballocks is a breakout style game with a twist. I learnt an incredible amount quickly from this and even wrote a little piece on what I learnt from this so other students didn't make the same mistakes we did. Overdrive are now looking to start work on our next project, a currently unnamed platformer with a Gothic theme.

Overdrive 24/7 -
Ballocks Release -
Learning Our Lessons - "Ballocks!" -

Soul Wars - Made By Gobbo Games
Soul Wars is a free fantasy based MMORPG, I am currently a Senior Designer/Developer on Soul Wars. My design work has included designing systems for the inventory, persistant storage, levelling, experience, guilds, guild areas (outposts) and I'm currently working on skills and crafting systems. I also post weekly blogs letting people following Soul Wars know what the development team are up to and stuff the Soul Wars community can get involved in.

Soul Wars -
My Soul Wars Blog -

16-BIT-GAMES - A group I made.
With more people appearing on the forums saying they want to join a group but not really having the time to take part in one, I designed a group which allowed more people to join and dedicate whatever time they have to a project. This slowly starting to take off and our first project looks like it will be a tower defence game. A GDD is being produced as I write this.