Train2Game The idea is genius

Train2Game The idea is genius


Who ever came up with the Train2Game idea is a genius to say the least. Not only does it give people the opportunity to create their own game but it also builds peoples knowledge of gaming and how computer games are created from start to finish. More importantly it actually gives people the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of becoming a computer games designer.

A bit about my background. I grew up with computers as I started out with the old commodore 64 and went right the way through each console to the current day XBOX 360 and PS2. I’m totally I.T literate, which is courtesy of the C64 because where as many people just used to play the tape games, I used it for my typing skills. This paid off as every job I’ve had since leaving school has involved a computer in one form or another. My I.T grades speak for themselves, having achieved a GCSE and a level grade at school in the subject, I also passed my ECDL and got a Merit in an advanced HEFC course at the local college to further my own knowledge which also included designing and creating my own website. So from an early age, I always had aspirations of one day making my own game and now thanks to this course, which has been a little ray of sunshine, I can now have that opportunity. One thing that I did regret was not being able to get my hands on the Nintendo power glove for the original NES, that thing rocked as I believe it was only available in the USA and I still think that it had a lot to do with the creation of the Wii because it used sensors that were place around the TV, kind of like the Wii today.

So far I have found the course challenging but interesting at the same time. I have learned things that I never knew and were quite surprised at. My achievements so far have been steady for most of my TMA’s. As you have noticed I’m sure, I’ve got 85% for 3 of them meaning 3 answers wrong each time with exception of the resubmitted one which I understand fully now where I went wrong. However there is always room for improvement and I want you to know that I always aim to get 100%. Which is exactly where I want to aim for in this course. I want to aim for the top of designing and creating my own computer game but I can’t tell the future and wants going to happen so even if I ended up as part of the team that design games then I would be satisfied with that.

To finish off, I would just like to thank you all for your help as you are always there for me when I call after each TMA to go through the incorrect answers as I do enjoy the chats as they help me to progress further.